Album review: The Broken Family Band

Album review: The Broken Family Band


Please And Thank You

“Judas!” they cried as BFB mainman Steven Adams kicked his pedal-steel guitarist from the studio into the dole queue. Yes, Adams and co have now shed their country roots and become a – brace yourselves – trad bass/drum/guitar band. Almost completely, anyway. Annoyingly, Adams’ lame hoof of a voice (which part of Americana is Cambridge in exactly, Steven?) remains provokingly in character, so don’t kid yourself into thinking they’re home and dry just yet. And no matter what instruments are used, their weedy, aggro-pop retains the impression that it’s the chosen soundtrack for lifeless 35-year-olds stuck uncomfortably in suburbia. Essentially a dickless Radiohead, circa-‘The Bends’.

Matt Wilkinson

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