Album Review: The Bundles – ‘The Bundles’ (K Records)

Album Review: The Bundles - 'The Bundles' (K Records)


An understated treasure served up by this alt folk supergroup

For many, mere mention of the word ‘twee’ is enough to provoke ire. Yet, when unflustered with fussy production, the genre is simply music boiled down to its bare bones – surely the punk rockest of principles. Something of a twee supergroup, led by [b]Jeffrey Lewis[/b] and former [b]Moldy Peach[/b] [b]Kimya Dawson[/b], [b]The Bundles[/b]’ kooky childishness and playground melodies will beguile and irritate in equal measure. Whatever: this long-mooted debut album melds the potty-mouthed stream-of-consciousness lyrics of [b]Dawson[/b] to [b]Lewis[/b]’ freak-folk storytelling with plenty of feverish enthusiasm. The splendid [b]‘Pirates Declare War’[/b] is far from the only understated treasure served up by the winsome pair.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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