Album review: The Candles – ‘Between the Sounds’ (The End)

Album review: The Candles - 'Between the Sounds' (The End)


Old-fashioned acoustic rock, not bad if that's your bag

If this album sounds a little old-fashioned, that’s entirely intentional. Its author – NYC singer-songwriter [b]Josh Lattanzi[/b] – has worked with [b]Evan Dando[/b] and [a]Albert Hammond Jr[/a], and his band’s debut album is very much in the same vein: stoned vocals, acoustic guitars, songwriterly values and none of that flashy modern whizz-bangery, thank you very much. The songs, such as ‘[b]Here Or Gone[/b]’ and ‘[b]Let Me Down Easy[/b]’, do what they set out to do well, but your take on it will depend on your tolerance for double denim harmony-rock. Those looking for anything else will be sorely disappointed.

[b]Barry Nicolson[/b]