Album Review: The Charlatans – Who We Touch

Album Review: The Charlatans - Who We Touch


Madchester vets fail to keep the momentum going on album number eleven

Twenty years since their debut album ‘[b]Some Friendly[/b]’ catapulted the Northwich upstarts right to the top of the UK charts, [a]The Charlatans[/a] have cemented their status as the most durable of their Madchester-era peers. Buoyed by a surge of interest in their anniversary shows, ‘[b]Who We Touch[/b]’ should be their moment to gambol over to the spotlight and shine. It starts well, with ‘[b]Love Is Ending[/b]’ kicking in with a firestorm of [a]Buzzcocks[/a] guitars and a power-pop chorus. Once the dust dies down, though, the remainder of ‘[b]Who We Touch[/b]’ feels disappointingly timid in comparison, and the particularly saggy middle section sees them pitch their tent smack bang in the middle of the road.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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