Album Review: The Coathangers

Album Review: The Coathangers



Facts about this album:

* The Coathangers are Crook Kid Coathanger (vocals/guitar), Minnie Coathanger (bass/vocals), Rusty Coathanger (drums/vocals) and Bebe Coathanger (keys/vocals).

* ‘Scramble’ is their second album, following 2007’s self-titled debut.

Album review:

Making no concessions to the advances made in production since

the dawn of the tape recorder, these four grrrls from Atlanta will send more people off cliff-faces with their yelping, hysterical art-punk than

they ever will into HMV to buy this. Formed as a joke just over three

years ago, the girls’ sole punchline seems to be the screeching racket

they make, which sounds like the theme to the Muppet Babies on repeat and is only mildly less annoying than being poked in the head by a chocolate-smeared toddler. If it weren’t for the stalker-punk of ‘Pussywillow’ and ‘Time Passing’, both glowering oddly from the mess and nodding towards early B-52s, we’d shove this in the wardrobe.

Chris Parkin

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