Album Review: The Corin Tucker Band – 1000 Years (Kill Rock Stars)


Don't dismay that Sleater-Kinney are no more - their ringleader has returned with a warming, intricate effort

As the former lava-lunged lynchpin of the phenomenal [a]Sleater-Kinney[/a], hearing [b]Corin Tucker[/b] describe her solo debut as “a middle-aged mom record” full of songs originally destined for the Twilight OST didn’t half put the frighteners up us. Luckily, ‘[b]1000 Years[/b]’ is neither boring nor bloodless. Comparisons to SK will doubtless arise but the production here is sparser, with more focus on intricate oddities like the Americana swoop of ‘[b]It’s Always Summer[/b]’, the [a]Wild Beasts[/a]-y clatter that starts imposing on ‘[b]Half A World Away[/b]’ and even a borderline-mawkish piano ballad. Predictable types may yell “reunite the band!” Until they get their way, ‘[b]1000 Years[/b]’ is the perfect stopgap.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]