Album review: The Count & Sinden – ‘Mega Mega Mega’ (Domino)

Album review: The Count & Sinden - 'Mega Mega Mega' (Domino)


Despite being two years in the making, The Count & Sinden fail to come up with a cohesive debut

On the scene since 2008’s dancefloor-burning [b]‘Beeper’[/b], astonishingly, this is [a]The Count & Sinden[/a]’s debut album. A plethora of guest turns, from [a]Katy B[/a] to [a]Bashy[/a], [a]Trackademicks[/a] to [a]Rye Rye[/a], make for a veritable cornucopia of sound. Or, as [b]Sinden[/b] more succintly puts it, ‘world music from Essex’. The [a]Mystery Jets[/a]-featuring [b]‘After Dark’[/b] courts the Copacabana crowd, while [a]Katy B[/a]’s ‘Hold Me’ is a gentle ragga jam. At its best, [b]‘Mega Mega Mega’[/b] represents a vibrant cross-section of the British musical underground. At its worst, it’s bog-standard chav-ringtone fodder ([b]‘Panther’[/b]). Make up your minds, boys.

[b]Ailbhe Malone[/b]

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