The Datsuns – ‘Deep Sleep’

The Datsuns – 'Deep Sleep'


The once hyped band try to lift themselves out of a rut with screeching solos and glam pomp

The Datsuns’ self-titled 2002 debut was promising enough to suggest that a gradual fade into irrelevance was unlikely. The New Zealand quartet’s blues-rock licks caught the attention of Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, who produced their 2004 album ‘Outta Sight/Outta Mind’. Still, fade they did. Twelve years on from their start though, the band remain committed to keeping wild ’70s riffing alive. Guitarist Phil Somervell makes most impact on ‘Deep Sleep’ – opener ‘Caught In The Silver’ is a squall of screeching solos, while ‘Claw Machine’ offers a glammy alternative to Royal Blood’s thunder. Indeed, bar the dreamier title track, there’s barely a moment’s peace on a record that forces new life into an aging band one breakneck solo at a time.


Record label: Hellsquad
Release date: 20 Oct, 2014