Album review: The Do

Album review: The Do


A Mouthful

How often do you hear an amazing pop song by a Finnish-French girl-boy duo? Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levi have brushed aside nearly all preconceptions we might have had about their birthplaces (Findus Crispy Pancakes, berets) by creating something genuinely captivating here. Merilahti is undoubtedly the star; more so when you realise that her childlike, little-girl-lost demeanour is all just a ruse – basically, she’s a Nordic garage rock ice-queen hell bent on getting her own way. Woo! ‘At Last’ – the duo’s best song – sees her twist and pout like Sheryl Crow… being shagged by Johnny Thunders. Only on the offensively awful cod-rap of ‘Queen Dot Kong’ do they go too far. Apart from that, this tastes real good.

Matt Wilkinson

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