Album Review: The Dø – ‘Both Ways Open Jaws’

Album Review: The Dø - 'Both Ways Open Jaws'


Tribal, prickly and wickedly playful

It’s a commonly held truth that when it comes to decent European pop, Scandinavia is where it’s at and France is where it definitely is not. However, on their second album, French/Finnish duo [b]The Dø[/b] are helping l’Hexagone conquer the Vikings. ‘[b]Both Ways Open Jaws[/b]’ is tribal, prickly and wickedly playful, courtesy of singer [b]Olivia Merilahti[/b]’s loopy vocal. The apocalyptic jump-rope skits of ‘[b]Gonna Be Sick![/b]’ and ‘[b]Slippery Slope[/b]’ are highlights of a chaotic record that makes such a racket, you’ll be able to hear Sweden quaking in its boots.

[i]Laura Snapes[/i]


Director: The Dø
Record label: Village Green
Release date: 14 Nov, 2011