The Drums – ‘Encyclopedia’


Sun and surf gets left behind on The Drums third album

There’s something quite tragic about The Drums. Ahead of this, their third album, drummer Connor Hanwick left the band, leaving childhood friends singer Jonathan Pierce and guitarist Jacob Graham to pick up the pieces. Unsurprisingly, the sun and surf of their original sound has been dropped for a deflated and threadbare aesthetic. But ‘Encyclopedia’, their first new music in three years, is a cohesive listen. Pierce makes loneliness sound desirable on the sweet ‘Break My Heart’, while keys and guitars add fleshy atmosphere to album highlight ‘Kiss Me Again’. Sadness prevails though, Pierce sounds irretrievably bleak on ‘There Is Nothing Left’: “I thought we were important, but we don’t matter at all.”

Ben Homewood


Record label: Minor
Release date: 22 Sep, 2014