Album Review: The Duke Spirit – ‘Bruiser’

Album Review: The Duke Spirit - 'Bruiser'


An album overflowing with jagged riffs

It’s hard to understand why this lot never really took off. Their rock rollicking on debut ‘[b]Cuts Across The Land[/b]’ was a thing of arresting sexiness – see the ever-fresh ‘[b]Love Is An Unfamiliar Name[/b]’. Yet despite an equally winning second album, ‘[b]Neptune[/b]’, they just… fell off the radar. It’s with some bafflement we can report that their third sees them still being really good. The jagged-riffed, swaggering ‘[b]Procession[/b]’ is as darkly pouty as ever, the sprawling psych of ‘[b]Bodies[/b]’ admirably ambitious, the sultry, charming ‘[b]Don’t Wait[/b]’ irresistible. Maybe they’re just too solid, too classic, too… lacking in danger, but ‘[b]Bruiser[/b]’ proves they’re still putting up a hell of a fight.

Duncan Gillespie


Record label: Fiction
Release date: 19 Sep, 2011