The Family Rain – ‘Hunger Sauce’ EP

The Family Rain - 'Hunger Sauce' EP


Pumped-up riffs and swagger from Bath's own blues brothers

At Dingwalls in Camden Town a few weeks ago, The Family Rain were attempting to play the last song of the final night of their UK-wide ‘Bad Weather’ tour when things began to go a little awry. There had been a handful of stage invaders through the night but when the Walter brothers ripped into ‘Trust me… I’m A Genius’ the crowd reacted with such exhilaration that they all simultaneously surged forward and completely swamped the stage. The band battled manfully to let fly at least a few jagged riffs before they too vanished into the mass of bodies, only reappearing as they were carried off into the night at shoulder height. The stage was trashed.

When people are searching for the bands who are heeding Alex Turner’s call and carrying British rock’n’roll forwards, it’s moments like that you listen out for. The Family Rain’s debut record ‘Under The Volcano’ may be barely five months old but they played four new tunes that night at Dingwalls. Now, they’ve gathered them together on this EP, along with a few sketched intro tracks to frame them.

They open with a touch of wit, bashing a piano to a faux advertising jingle for the title track, before leading into the machine-gun drumming and Pharrell-style hand claps of instant indie disco anthem ‘You Should Be Glad You’ve Got A Man’. There’s a touch of Supergrass’ pop songwriting class on ‘We Are In Love’ while ‘Tarantula’ doesn’t so much swagger as pimp-roll before a sing-along ending akin to Oasis’ ‘All Around The World’.

Producer Tom Dalgety, who’s worked with Royal Blood and Dinosaur Pile Up, brings out the band’s heavier side, particularly on ‘Punch Bowl’, which has guitarist Ollie Walter doing his best Tony Iommi impression.

Right now, The Family Rain sound like a band whose confidence is swelling. They spent so much of the last year playing gigs like the one at Dingwalls that, like some meathead locked in a gym, they’ve emerged with ripped, pumped-up riffs. Which can only mean more nights of mayhem to come.

Kevin EG Perry


Director: Tom Dalgety
Record label: Mountbatten Recordings
Release date: 28 Jul, 2014