Album review: The Gay Blades – ‘Ghosts’

Album review: The Gay Blades - 'Ghosts'


Thoroughly solid riff-punkers

There’s a good chance you’ll hate this record on first listen; the formulaic pop punk styling and the dodgy lyrics certainly go against one’s better judgement. But given half a chance this New Jersey duo will suck you into their gloriously trashy, cock-rocking world. With song titles such as ‘Robots Can Fuck Your Shit Up’, ‘Why Can’t I Grow a Beard?’ and ‘We Wear Mittens’ it’s safe to say they don’t take themselves too seriously, but with the raw power and unabashed, cheap rock thrill of Eagles Of Death Metal, tracks such as ‘O Shot’ and ‘Hey She Say’ straddle the line between punk and swaggering ’70s riff-rock pretty convincingly. Not to mention, on ‘Prologue For The Pure Of Heart’, a rather good line in snivelling teenage angst.

Tessa Harris

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