Album Review: The GO! Team – Rolling Blackouts (Wichita)


More of the same from The GO! Team's third album

So wearing are [a]The Go! Team[/a] in their relentless wilful eclecticism, their grindingly annoying playground chants and their bursts of trapped-wasp hyperactivity, that it seems remarkable that this is only their third album – maybe their crate-digging inanity somehow has the power to make time stretch.

[b]‘Rolling Blackouts’[/b] sees them doing what [a]The Go! Team[/a] do: flailing and yelping like meth-addicted Energiser bunnies, which, as you may have figured, is not a compliment.

At least, on the bug-eyed likes of [b]‘TORNADO’[/b] and [b]‘Bust Out Brigade’[/b], they sound like they’re enjoying themselves, but if you’re not, then that’s kind of a criticism too.

[b]Pete Cashmore[/b]


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