Album Review: The Golden Filter – ‘Voluspa’ (Brille)

Album Review: The Golden Filter - 'Voluspa' (Brille)


An album that rarely strays from its glitzy formula

For the longest time, [b]The Golden Filter[/b] were shrouded in more mystery than a Secret Service man’s jock strap – strange considering the fact that their music couldn’t possibly be more obvious. It’s since transpired that the Aussie-American duo consist of [b]Penelope Trappes[/b] (a honey-voiced diva) and [b]Stephen Hindman[/b] (a knob twiddling Moroder obsessive). Together, they make disco so sexy and sultry that it almost makes you sticky. It’s a shame that [b]‘Voluspa’[/b] rarely strays too far from that glitzy formula – only the ghostly, string-heavy ballad [b]‘Nerida’s Gone’[/b] really eases the four-on-the-floor fever – but you can’t help but admire [b]The Golden Filter[/b] for having one idea and running so far with it.

[b]Hardeep Phull[/b]