The Growlers – ‘Chinese Fountain’


Good vibes underwritten with barbed bite from the carefree Cali five piece

“There’s nothing as depressing as good advice/Nobody wants to hear how to live their life,” go The Growlers on ‘Good Advice’. Eight years, five albums and a fistful of EPs into their garage-pop ride, the Californian fivesome’s carefree sound suggests they’re continuing to ignore the outside world. They’re all the better for it. Opener ‘Big Toe’’s jangles are underwritten with minor key foreboding, while ‘Chinese Fountain’’s chipper fretwork is like Orange Juice given a sunny modern update. The barbed musings on dead scenes (‘Dull Boy’) and vacuous hipsters (the aforementioned ‘Big Toe’) add lyrical bite to an album that, sonically, barely strays from good vibes territory. The Growlers don’t need no good advice.


Record label: FatCat
Release date: 29 Sep, 2014