The Heights

The Heights


Toys And Kings

With a frontman who appears to be on a Marlboro-only diet (Owain Ginsberg doesn’t sing, but rather growls like a heavier, chugging adolescent Tom Waits or Lemmy) and a backing trio of melody-mastering Welsh pop mods, The Heights sound colossal and snarling on a live stage. And, with nothing in the bank and everything to prove, ‘Toys And Kings’

is a debut that should too. But somehow it doesn’t. The almost-intimidating ‘Jamaica Beer Eyes’ and mod-rock-by-numbers,

V-flicking ‘For Real’ do their best to soundtrack a modern-day brick pelting from the picket line, but belong safely at

a well-policed house party around Luke Pritchard’s gaff. Which is no treacherous thing, just a fair bit less than we were hoping for.

Stuart Stubbs