The House Of Love – ‘She Paints Words In Red’

The House Of Love - 'She Paints Words In Red'


Sixth studio album puts vicious acrimony behind them

Twenty years ago, the thought of a new THOL album would have been hilarious, so viciously acrimonious was the London group’s 1993 split. And yet they’re back, with their sixth studio album and second since that parting. What ‘She Paints…’ proves is that time doesn’t guarantee evolution – the jangle and thrash of Terry Bickers’ guitar and the wistful air of it all could come straight from their self-titled 1988 debut. But the gorgeous ‘Holy River’, country-tinged ‘Low Black Clouds’ and proggy title track remind us what they’re capable of. Plus, heart-warmingly, Guy Chadwick is still a terrible lyricist. See you in a decade.

Pete Cashmore


Record label: Cherry Red
Release date: 25 Mar, 2013