Album review: The Juan MacLean

Album review: The Juan MacLean


The Future Will Come

The Juan Maclean, like Dionysus born of Zeus’ thigh, is the mythic offspring of the ethereal body that spawned it. This DFA underling, led along the path by lords of the dance LCD Soundsystem, is fashioned in the disco gods’ image – progressive, percussive and powerful. As Murphy’s gang are on an LCD hiatus, ‘The Future Will Come’ lands on Planet Earth like a blessing from Mount Olympus, just when we thought the manna had dried up. And from its recognisable framework the record grows solid horns of its own: ‘One Day’ wraps ’70s soul strings around a playful echo of DMX Krew, while ‘A New Bot’’s lyrical pulse is protean Human League. It’s Dionysian disco: dynamic, decadent and utterly brilliant.

Alex Hoban

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