Album review: The Law – ‘A Measure of Wealth’ (Local Boy)

Album review: The Law - 'A Measure of Wealth' (Local Boy)


The View's pals find that a good word only gets you so far

Collaged with snaps of the band passed out, guzzling Red Stripe in Jacuzzis and grabbing each other’s man tits, you hardly want to bother popping ‘A Measure Of Wealth’ out of its case. With this, and the fact that [a]The Law[/a] are Kyle Falconer’s favourite new band, we’ll give you three guesses what happens when you hit ‘play’. One: A 45-minute guitar-crash? Two: More “woah-woah”s than the Grand National? Three: A continuous belch about watching TV, getting pissed and boning some old bird? Gee, you must have heard this band before… Though the odd bone of brilliance pokes out ([b]‘Milk And Honey’[/b]), you won’t find a band trying to fill [a]Oasis[/a]’ void with more recycled rubble than ‘Dundeechester’’s The Law.

[b]Camille Augarde[/b]

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