Album review: The Legends – ‘Over And Over’

Album review: The Legends - 'Over And Over'

A smorgasbord of eclectic sonic delights

Justifying his title, Johan Angergård has conquered genres from Motown to C86 on past albums. ‘Over And Over’ sees the Swede’s machete take its most ambitious stab yet at, well… everything. Coiling barbed white noise around a honey-dribbling melody, ‘Seconds Away’ could be from the same placenta as ‘Psychocandy’, and for any ears prematurely frothing with excitement at this early stage, ‘Recife’ is on hand to mop up with a rusty livewire. Then, hand-clapping and merrily swinging its ’60s girl group legs to all this glorious ruckus is peachy popsicle ‘Monday To Saturday’. Somehow, these unlikely sonic companions are the sounds of Angergård landing at his most sublime creative peak to date.

[B]Camille Augarde[/B]