Album Review: The Leisure Society – ‘Into The Murky Water’

Album Review: The Leisure Society - 'Into The Murky Water'


Beautifully nostalgic folk-pop, wistful over symphonies of summer

They might be [a]The Leisure Society[/a], but this string-laden folk-pop collective haven’t been putting their feet up. Their second album skips merrily between [a]Scott Walker[/a] balladeering and the symphonic, jaunty indie of [a]The Divine Comedy[/a].

Nobody’s pretending this lot balance on the razor-sharp blade of the cutting edge. Even so, their orchestral whimsy presses the ‘lovely, bordering on twee’ button. For proof, skip to the melancholic swoon of [b]‘Dust On The Dancefloor’[/b] and [b]‘This Phantom Life’[/b], the soundtrack to every picnic-date with a cardigan-wearing girl drunk on organic cider in history.

Leonie Cooper

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