The Lemonheads – ‘Hotel Sessions’

The Lemonheads - 'Hotel Sessions'


An album of unearthed Lemonheads recordings

With bands such as [a]Yuck[/a] and [a]Wavves[/a] being fairly popular at the moment, and in thrall to the slovenly college indie scene of the early ’90s, there could be a worse time to release an album of unearthed [a]The Lemonheads[/a] recordings. However, ‘[b]Hotel Sessions[/b]’ is some distance from an ‘]essential archive document’, or even something you ever need to hear’. Catching [b]Lemonheads[/b] founder [b]Evan Dando[/b] at an idyllic moment in his career arc – his alt.heartthrob status was swelling and he’d not yet started huffing the crack pipe – it features most of the songs from 1993’s ‘[b]Come On Feel The Lemonheads[/b]’ taped on a Walkman in a hotel room several months before the album’s release. That wasn’t even their most highly regarded record, and all we learn from these wispy solo offerings is that [b]Lemonheads[/b] songs are not improved by persistent cassette hiss and background noise. A shocker, that.

[i]Noel Gardner[/i]


Director: Evan Dando
Record label: Hall Of Records
Release date: 09 Jan, 2012