Album Review: The Little Kicks – ‘The Little Kicks’

Album Review: The Little Kicks - 'The Little Kicks'


There’s quite a lot to like

Aberdeen’s [a]The Little Kicks[/a] describe the material on their self-released second album as “catchy indie pop”. Compared to far bigger bands talking about every new release as if it’s ‘[b]Kid A[/b]’, this is modest. Yeah OK, they don’t shy away from writing a nice chorus, and ‘[b]Making Big Decisions[/b]’ is custom-tooled for an [i]Inbetweeners[/i] montage, but ‘[b]Anti Work Song[/b]’ and ‘[b]Loosen Up[/b]’ both showcase a nice line in brittle funk, while ‘[b]The First Place[/b]’ and ‘[b]Call Of Youth[/b]’ are pocket epics to be proud of. It’s all tap-on-the-shoulder rather than slap-in-the-face music, but there’s a lot to like.

[i]Hamish MacBain[/i]


Record label: The Little Kicks
Release date: 28 Nov, 2011