The Menzingers – ‘Rented World’

The Menzingers - 'Rented World'


Pennsylvanian punks stick too tightly too their slick formula on circle-pit friendly fourth

Proving that guys in scrappy hoodies and faded Bouncing Souls shirts have feelings too are Pennsylvania punk lads The Menzingers. On their fourth album they mix straight-up Rancid-style riffing (‘The Talk’) and circle-pit friendly declarations of gentlemanliness (‘I Don’t Want To Be An Asshole Anymore’) with weightier excursions into anguish. ‘Where Your Heartache Exists’ provides one of many Gaslight Anthemic moments, heavy with emotion and engine oil, while the whinging and growling two-step rocker ‘Nothing Feels Good Anymore’ is a full-on proto-emo flashback. A slick offering, ‘Rented World’ is let down by a tendency to veer towards the formulaic, evidenced by closing track, ‘When You Died’, an altogether too tepid acoustic tear-jerker.

Leonie Cooper


Record label: Epitaph
Release date: 21 Apr, 2014