Album Review: The Miserable Rich – ‘Miss You In The Days’

Album Review: The Miserable Rich - 'Miss You In The Days'


No way near as ghostly as it is made out to be

As the opening moments of all albums released on Halloween probably should be, ‘[b]Laid Up In Lavender[/b]’ is permeated with ghostly “[i]woos[/i]”. Which is mainly to trumpet that these Brighton baroque-popsters’ third album was (supposedly) recorded in a haunted house. You can’t help but think they missed a trick by showing their paranormal pal the door after the opening track, though – the mournful strings and chamber-pop flourishes on ‘[b]Honesty[/b]’ and ‘[b]True Love[/b]’ are fine and everything, but they’re unlikely to truly give anyone the willies. And besides, if there’s one thing that’s not been done yet, it’s having a ghost as lead singer. Now that would be a fucking band.

[i]Rick Martin[/i]


Director: The Miserable Rich
Record label: Humble Soul
Release date: 31 Oct, 2011