The Mitchell Brothers


Dressed For The Occasion

Before you get knicker-twisted about the prospect of Franz Ferdinand doing a reverse-Bizzle manoeuvre based on their appearance here, let’s just confirm that ‘Slap My Face’ is pretty unremarkable. Last time, Mike Skinner’s spirit breathed through his protégés’ spin on being rebuffed by surly Harvey Nicks staff and their bitter dissection of The Met’s stop’n’search policy. But now it sounds like they’ve got drunk on early praise and magnified those elements to caricature. As wit tumbles into slapstick and drama hardens into schlock we get ‘Sole Mate’, a cloyingly cutesy extended love poem to Reebok classics, and the unintentionally hilarious ‘Shots Echo’ – a melodramatic tale of (splutter) gun crime’s innocent bystanders.Leave aside the taut whip of ‘Gatecrasher’ and you can pretty much hear the ‘ping’ of too few ideas bouncing around too much space.

Gavin Haynes