Album Review: The Morning Benders – ‘Big Echo’ (Rough Trade)

Album Review: The Morning Benders - 'Big Echo' (Rough Trade)

A second album that still sounds a bit too familiar

Kaleidoscopic guitars, swooping strings and luscious, lilting harmonies? Hmm. [a]Grizzly Bear[/a]’s Chris Taylor has his production paws all over San Franciscan quartet [b]The Morning Benders[/b]’ second full-length effort, and while [b]‘Big Echo’[/b] has more than pastiche to offer, a great deal of it still sounds a bit too familiar. [b]‘Cold War (Nice Clean Fight)’[/b] is sun-kissed pop like [b]The Drums[/b] would make if they weren’t so damn annoying. Meanwhile, [b]‘Hand Me Downs’[/b] could easily be an [b]Avi Buffalo[/b], um, hand-me-down, while [b]Band Of Horses[/b]’ lawyers should have a right good listen to [b]‘All Day Day Light’[/b]. Basically, everything sounds like this at the moment.

[b]Rob Webb[/b]

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