The Mountain Goats


Heretic Pride

Peer into the lyric book of your average indie band and you’ll venture into some groundbreaking territory: wanting to shag someone, getting wasted, getting wasted while wanting to shag someone… really, it’s pretty limitless. What you won’t find that often, though, are songs comparing one’s heart to an autoclave [a high-pressure device used for sterilisation – industrial science Ed] or titles like ‘Marduk T-Shirt Men’s Room Incident’. Then again, group lynchpin John Darnielle has been releasing records prolifically since the early ’90s and probably ran out of shagging songs around 1997. Anyhow, this is business as usual: string-laced Americana that ranks alongside other literate types such as The Shins or Midlake. Pretty good, then, but why you’d need this ahead of the 17,375 other Goats releases out there, well, you’ve stumped us…

Tim Jonze