The Naked & Famous – ‘In Rolling Waves’

The Naked & Famous - 'In Rolling Waves'


The Naked And Famous make a successful move to take them into rock territory

Their debut saw The Naked And Famous widely compared to MGMT, but something about the way Thom Powers wore a leather jacket suggested he wanted to be New Zealand’s answer to U2. With its vast sonic horizons, throbbing electronics and chugging guitars, ‘In Rolling Waves’ may put that plan in motion, albeit with Alisa Xayalith’s cute-as-a-kitten vocals softening the edges. The result of rock band power-move (moving to LA) and life experience (a broken relationship), it’s a self-important album, but an accomplished one. And ‘Hearts Like Ours’ proves they can still knock out a killer single.

Dan Stubbs


Record label: Fiction