Album review: The Oh Sees – ‘Warm Slime’ (In The Red)

Album review: The Oh Sees - 'Warm Slime' (In The Red)


MGMT could take a few lessons in psychamericana from this guy

Tempered and shaped by the unsung greats of ’60s psychedelia, San Franciscan John Dwyer is a hyper-prolific modern-day bastion of the eerier side of garage rock. This particular primordial ooze spills from the chalice of [a]The Grateful Dead[/a], beginning with the sprawling 13-minute title-track, a repetitive, groove-based saga that capably sets the mood. The second half of the record, cut into smaller portions, sees Dwyer and chums wresting reverb-drenched melodies from the sea of fuzz guitar and echoing drums. Swiftly recorded in just one day, [b]‘Warm Slime’[/b] is an intuitively-conceived, addictively impulsive lesson in peculiarity.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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