Phenomenal Handclap Band – ‘Form & Control’

Phenomenal Handclap Band - 'Form & Control'


More stodge than sleekness

The New York funkateers’ second album has its influences stacked up just so: Labelle, LCD Soundsystem, Scissor Sisters, a touch of Funkadelic and a lick of Prince. So how come so much of ‘Form & Control’ struggles to get to its feet, let alone dance? It could be that less is more. The best disco and funk, however camp, keeps its message minimal, as did PHB’s punchy 2009 single ‘15 To 20’; here, Laura Marin and Quinn Luke cram excessive lyrics into songs such as ‘Shake’, creating stodge instead of sleekness. ‘Give’ gets a Matthew Dear-ish strut on with choppy synths and a nimble melody, but it feels like a long time coming.

[i]Frances Morgan[/i]


Director: Daniel Collas, Sean Marquand
Record label: Tummy Touch
Release date: 30 Jan, 2012