The Phoenix Foundation – ‘Fandango’

The Phoenix Foundation - 'Fandango'


All-killer no-filler once again from New Zealand's finest

By the sounds of it, The Phoenix Foundation have been heavily packing the bong during the making of fifth album ‘Fandango’. The Kiwis just about keep their eye on the ball with another set of all-killer no-filler songs that sees their psych-flecked indie pop rolled into 75 minutes of madness. Only 17-minute finale ‘Friendly Society’ wears thin, its ideas forced and spread too thinly across clunky sub-sections. The rest, though, is languidly atmospheric, peaking with the moonlit disco jam of ‘Sideways Glance’. The UK took over a decade to discover The Phoenix Foundation, but it’s always worth the wait for good gear.

Simon Jay Catling


Record label: Memphis Industries
Release date: 22 Apr, 2013