Album review: The Polyamorous Affair – ‘Bolshevik Disco’

Album review: The Polyamorous Affair - 'Bolshevik Disco'


Soviet synth kitsch from pop survivor

The ’80s’ stranglehold on us is tightening. From our chart-pillaging synth-pop and its attendant fashions (the bumbag!) to unemployment, deregulation and fears about invading Red Armies (thanks, Jon McClure), there’s not much ‘now’ about today. Joining this backwards march are The Polyamorous Affair. In riposte to the Rev, LA’s Eddie Chacon – who partnered Charles on 1992 UK chart-topper ‘Would I Lie To You?’ – has crafted an enjoyably droll LP of Soviet-shaped pop: sterilised synth washes, pulsing disco beats and lascivious pillow-talk between he and spouse Sissy Sainte-Marie that, together, sounds like Buggles, late [a]Roxy Music[/a] and [a]Kraftwerk[/a] hammered into something you can do the Barynya dance to.

[b]Chris Parkin[/b]