Album Review: The Raveonettes – Raven In The Grave (Vice)

Album Review: The Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave (Vice)


Glimpses of eerie simplicity, but lacking conviction with their dark mystique

That title and the emblematic corvid on the sleeve might suggest a band reconnecting with their darkest core. So it’s disappointing when [b]‘Recharge & Revolt’[/b] invokes little more revolutionary than the wet spirit of TPOBPAH. It’s only one misstep in what’s an otherwise engrossing variation on [a]The Raveonettes[/a]’ sound: hazy, dark, [a]The Cure[/a]-ish dreampop with a Lynchian vibe.

[b]‘War in Heaven’[/b] sprinkles cold, starry twinkles of glockenspiel over brooding bass, spooky and simple. Sharin and Sune are showing the kids they own this hauntological shit, and the gorgeous [b]‘Forget That You’re Young’[/b] takes the spectral sweetness of Cults et al and gives it some leather-clad spine. Dead, but still vital.

Duncan Gillespie


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