Album Review: Rayographs – ‘Rayographs’

Album Review: Rayographs - 'Rayographs'


Marking their niche with timeless psychedelia and garage hooks

Worthless purveyors of lo-fi laziness, be damned: [b]Rayographs[/b] have proved that it’s possible to pay homage to the shonky aesthetic of days gone by without camouflaging half-arsed tunes beneath layers of fuzz.

Whereas the likes of [a]Yuck[/a] and [a]Mazes[/a] use their retro-fetish to disguise their shallow mumblings, [b]Rayographs[/b] hollow out their own space among their garage and blues influences. [b]‘My Critical Mind’[/b] recalls the feral doom-mongering of [a]Nick Cave[/a], while [b]‘In Her Light’[/b] revamps the shabby spirit of [b]The Raincoats[/b].

The past doesn’t always have to be a grotesque animal; plump for innovating rather than imitating, and it can be bred into a much more formidable beast.

Ben Hewitt


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