Album Review: The Rural Alberta Advantage – ‘Hometowns’ (Saddle Creek)

Album Review: The Rural Alberta Advantage - 'Hometowns' (Saddle Creek)

An album taking us back to the splendour of lo-fi American indie

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of modern indie is the disappearance of [b]Neutral Milk Hotel[/b]’s Jeff Mangum, last heard of shunning the dim spotlight of underground acclaim somewhere in upstate New York. Lucky, then, that [b]The Rural Alberta Advantage[/b] are here to continue his work. Taking Mangum’s recorded-on-cardboard lo-fi folk epics as their ground zero, TRAA turn in the best alt.debut of the year – [b]‘Don’t Haunt This Place’[/b] is [b]Death Cab[/b] with a bursting heart and an eight-armed drummer and [b]‘The Deadroads’[/b] should really be called [b]‘Neighborhood #3 (Epilepsy)’[/b]. As awesome as only a 21st century [b]‘In An Aeroplane…’[/b] can be.

[b]Mark Beaumont[/b]

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