Album review: The Saturdays – ‘Headlines’ (Polydor)

Album review: The Saturdays - 'Headlines' (Polydor)


Did someone stay stopgap? Well, that merch won't shift itself, you know

Before you go getting all upset that [b]’Headlines'[/b] is a mere eight tracks long, three of which appeared on last year’s debut album [b]‘Wordshaker’[/b], bear in mind that these days [a]The Saturdays[/a] have more products to endorse than you can shake a stick of Veet at. Their latest musical outing is transparently a summer hatchet-job, but single [b]‘Missing You’[/b] is a big synthy smash – the girls’ best ballad by far – that will undoubtedly air better while the sun’s still shining. The rest is filler in