The Silent League


Of Stars And Other Somebodies

Any album sleeve that gives thanks to someone called Pinky Weitzman is cool, and makes us wish we had more interesting friends (sorry, Dave). And anyone who was involved in Mercury Rev’s ‘All Is Dream’ album is alright by NME too. So, perhaps NME’s alt.cardigan got snagged or something, because this second album from sometime Rev noodler Justin Russo just seems less, er, alt. than we’d hoped. At times ‘Of Stars…’ takes The Silent League’s widescreen voyage further, but for the most part it’s simply nice, from single ‘Victim Of Aeroplane’’s brass rumble, to ‘Kings And Queens’’ majesterial pomp. And one thing’s for certain: the likes of Lambchop’s ‘Nixon’ and The Flaming Lips’ ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’ were a lot more than merely nice. Matt Warwick