Album review: The Silent Years – ‘The Globe’ (Gift)

Album review: The Silent Years - 'The Globe' (Gift)


Confusing, but in a good way

Coming on like Animal Collective’s less schizophrenic, straight-edge cousin… No, wait. Treading the Cold War Kids-esque line of bleak vocal fragility and punch-packing riff power…. Oh, hang on. All twinling guitar and nihilistic lyricisms… Hold up. And so on. With more changing faces than MJ (RIP), to say that The Silent Years’ second effort is a disparate affair is putting it mildly; but somehow, between the off-kilter jaunt of [b]’Ropes'[/b] and the testosterone-dripping [b]’Climb On My Back'[/b], the five-piece create something strangely gripping. Though the experimentation occasionally goes awry ([b]’Black Hole'[/a]) for the most part [b]’The Globe[/b]succeeds in displaying genuine diversity with sufficient distinctiveness to cut its own niche.

[b]Lisa Wright[/b]

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