The Soft Pack – ‘Strapped’

The Soft Pack - 'Strapped'


Without any expectation The Soft Pack produce a carefree and uncomplicated second

Briefly, in 2009, LA’s The Soft Pack (once upon a time known as The Muslims) were built up by some people (us, mainly) as the new Strokes. Their self-titled debut was a great record, but, unfortunately, it failed to see them fulfil that particular destiny. The lack of arena-rock success, though, means the follow-up from Matt Lamkin and co arrives with no pressure or expectation on its shoulders – but it’s no failure. Uncomplicated, Spinto Band-ish jangles like ‘Second Look’, ‘Tallboy’ and ‘Everything I Know’ plough casually and happily along without a care in the world, very much like the band themselves.

Jamie Fullerton