Album Review: The Sound Of Arrows – ‘Voyage’

Album Review: The Sound Of Arrows - 'Voyage'


This is basically what Coldplay were shooting for

Enigmatic boy-boy duos. Synthesisers. Glacial melancholy. Sweden. [a]The Sound Of Arrows[/a] tick as many boxes as your average clothing chain marketing meeting, but nobody outside the ‘[b]27 club[/b]’ ever died from being obvious. The chafe between blubbing and binary code just works. And so this album is the finest addition to the canon since [a]Hurts[/a] – and they weren’t even Swedish. Better still, ‘[b]Voyage[/b]’ is just that in the finest of senses, gliding you through its phases in metallic pastel shades from romantic euphoria (‘[b]Magic[/b]’), the crush of heartbreak (‘[b]Hurting All The Way[/b]’) through to an epic closer called ‘[b]There Is Still Hope[/b]’. This is basically what [a]Coldplay[/a] were shooting for.

[i]Dan Martin[/i]


Director: The Sound of Arrows, Richard X, Joseph Cross
Record label: Skies Above
Release date: 07 Nov, 2011