Album review: The Soundcarriers – Harmonium

Album review: The Soundcarriers - Harmonium


Almost too psychedelic for its own good

The term psychedelic is frequently misused. It usually describes anybody who has chomped a few weekend hallucinogens and belatedly discovered effects pedals. But Nottingham’s Soundcarriers merit the tag – they’re a thoroughly, bloody-minded mix of krautrock grooves, folk instrumentation, Gallic pop vocals, jazz drums and all manner of other oddities. This is not to say that they are always good – at times ‘Harmonium’ sounds like three men trying to show off how eclectic their music tastes are, and there’s a lack of human warmth in all the tweaks, stylistic shifts and wibbles. Nonetheless, the syrupy sunshine grooves of ‘Cannonball’ and the gorgeous lysergic wash of ‘Harmonium’ at least justify the ticket. Admirable, if not necessarily lovable.

Pete Cashmore

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