The Sounds


Dying To Say This To You

We need another vixen-fronted band like we need to hear pop berk Mika’s ‘Grace Kelly’ again. But Sweden’s The Sounds pick up where White Rose Movement faded out, with their melange of sussed Scandi cool, new wave pop pout, and Killers-style synth mayhem. Not only that, but the highlight of the quintet’s second LP is future hit ‘Tony The Beat’ – think CSS getting hammered with The Knife and soundtracking an aerobics video circa 1984. If ever there was a reason for a band to exist, it’s the joy of this absolute tune. Six bonus tracks on a record of ten newbies is a little hefty mind, (the Fall Out Boy remix of ‘Queen Of Apology’ not withstanding), and our guess is that this is to disguise the fact that some bits of ‘Dying To Say This To You’ are akin to Topshop Blondie. As disposable as a pair of leopard-print leggings, then, but just as fun.

Laura Snapes