Album Review: The Suzukis – ‘The Suzukis’

Album Review: The Suzukis - 'The Suzukis'


The Wigan quartet fall short

Referring to a band as “post-[a]Oasis[/a]” is a bold move by anyone, not least a press release writer. It immediately splits your audience into two halves – the ’avin it few and the shelving it crew – that’ll make their minds up well before the CD hits the tray.

It sells [b]The Suzukis[/b] a little short. There’s (just) enough invention and scuzz, oomph and almost-[b]Cooper Temple Clause[/b] scruffy urgency across these 11 tracks to stand them distinctly against the [a]Viva Brother[/a] camp. Although, when we say it sells them short, we actually mean about two bob fifty short.

Tim Chester

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