The Thermals – ‘Desperate Ground’

The Thermals - 'Desperate Ground'


Lo-fi goodness from the Portland trio

In their 11-year career, The Thermals have made music so angry at the world it would make heads of state take a long hard look at themselves if they indulged in the back catalogue. On sixth album ‘Desperate Ground’, the Portland trio are taking on familiar foes: religion, politics, the world’s lack of moral backbone. Opener ‘Born To Kill’ is bolshy lo-fi, flooded with anti-war lyrics and Hutch Harris’ shouty vocals. As ever, their key skill is being extremely dark as well as mega poppy. They are occasionally more playful, as on ‘The Howl Of The Winds’ with its wild hoots and gutsy riffs, but mostly this is a ballsy rage against the machine.

Anna Conrad


Record label: Saddle Creek
Release date: 08 Apr, 2013