The Triffids: Calenture


Forgotten classic still shines through

Death is not fair. Especially when the plaudits you deserved weren’t forthcoming. It’s 20 years since The Triffids, from Perth, Australia, released a run of albums that gained critical acclaim, but didn’t quite see them leap forward commercially. In 1987, The Triffids, led by charismatic singer David McComb – later to die after a battle with booze and drugs – released ‘Calenture’. On their third album’s re-release, it’s even more difficult to understand why they weren’t at rock’s top table with U2 and REM. The strings’n’guitar opus ‘Bury Me Deep In Love’; the country electronica of ‘Trick Of The Light’; and Celtic folk of ‘Jerdacuttup Man’ prove they weren’t one-trick ponies. Razorlight would kill to make this.

Stephen Worthy