The Used


Lies For The Liars

Like Linkin Park before them, The Used are a US metal band bailing from the bandwagon they rode in on, frontman (and former Mr Kelly Osbourne) Bert McCracken claiming recently that they “no longer wanted to be a part of the scene that was eating them alive – screamo”. That’s their prerogative, but given that The Used’s ultra-traditional-at-heart hardcore was only ever a good wash and brush-up away from being Bon Jovi, the band now find themselves caught between soft rock and a very hard-to-love place indeed. The pizzicato-plucked strings of single ‘The Bird And The Worm’ bring to mind, if not Panic! At The Disco, then certainly Consternation! In The Boardroom, but it’s the bulimic ballads ‘Find A Way’ and ‘Smother Me’ that will convince Kelly she was right to have got out when she did.

Dan Silver