Album review: The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – ‘Love On An Oil Rig’


Cardiff art-punkers live up to their own expectations

These past few weeks, shock-blonde VEG Club frontman Adam Taylor has been spouting off to fans about how much he hates the Cardiff band’s 2006 self-titled album. Which is a bit harsh – in [b]‘My Son Spells Backwards’[/b] it had one of the best punky-funky should-have-been-hits around. Still, he’ll be much happier with [b]‘Love On An Oil Rig’[/b] – on which he and his spiky four-piece (two girls and two guys following drummer Emma Daman’s departure) harness clattery Fall-esque drum tumbles ([b]‘Parrot’[/b]), Slits-y female backing yelps ([b]‘Bored In Belgium’[/b]) and in epically swirly closer ‘I Say What I See’ boast one of the best songs driven only by a girl tunefully whooping “Awoo!” repeatedly ever. Good enough for you, Adam?

[b]Jamie Fullerton[/b]

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